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An educational website encompassing the more traditional approach to Automotive Clay Sculpting in a Digital world.

Designed to meet the demanding schedule of Art Center students in their quest for an Automotive Design Degree with first hand explanations and demonstrations.

The hands on approach for clay modelers worldwide.

Development sketches as seen in design facilities prior to clay model construction.

A tutorial covering all aspects of clay modeling from initial conception to final presentation.



Use the search box below to find the information you require on the Clay, Application to Refinement Website, or check the index on the content page. If you fail to find what you need, post your enquiries on the forum for a fast response from fellow professionals in this trade. This website is to assist you, the newcomer, in the Art of Automotive Clay Modeling.



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Exotic Driving Experience

AC Ace is constructed on a steel, wood and foam armature and covered with J525 Chavant Industrial Styling Clay using an existing front wind shield.                AC Ace finished model covered with 3M Dinoc film.

As in any artistic field these skills do not appear over night, they are a process that has to be worked on and perfected on an individual basis over a long period of time. With confidence they can provide a lifetime of employment and gratification at the highest level bringing an artist impression to reality. Each sculptor has a different method or approach to creating a surface leaving no one method the be all or end all in modeling. The most important aspect is the end result so with that knowledge I'm offering you the following processes to help you on your way to a career in clay modeling or car design, enjoy and do not hesitate to contact me should you have a question relating to the process of clay modeling.

Good luck and model with pride.


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