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Corvette Technical Data

The following dimensions will be the basis for the construction of a 1/5 scale Corvette model. With these dimensions in mind, the photographs will be enlarged to 1/5 scale and Mylar overlaid to produce the necessary tape drawings for the vehicle. 


The tape drawings will then be used as a guide to build the buck for the 1/5 scale model.


Graphic drawing of the side view, C5 Chevy Corvette.


        Full Size                                  1/5 Scale



A   104.5"- 2655.5mm             20.9"- 531.1mm


                            Overall Length

B   179.7"- 4565.6mm             35.94"- 913.12mm


Graphic of front view C5 Chvy Corvette.

                            Overall Height

C   47.7"- 1211.5mm               9.54"- 242.3mm


                               Front Track

D   62.1"- 1577.3mm              12.42"- 315.46mm

Graphic of rear view of C5 Chevy Corvette.

                                Rear Track

E   62.2"- 1579.9mm              12.44"- 315.98mm


                               Overall Width

F   73.6"- 1869.6mm              14.72"- 373.92mm

For the construction of wheels and tires I will be using several options:


                                          1. Turning out of Ren Shape.

                                          2. Turning out of wood.

                                          3. Construct a spinning jig and spin out of clay.


Wheel and Tire Technical Data

Tape Drawing (pt 1)


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