Clay, Application to Refinement


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A set of dividers is a basic requirement for any engineering based profession and clay modeling is certainly in that category. I would include in my tool set three sizes, 4 inch, 6 inch and a 12 inch set. 

With this wide variety you would be able to cover nearly every eventuality. Not only are they used for basic marking out of templates and scribing of radii and circles but they can also be used for quick duplication of data in the balancing process on a scale model.

4 inch, 6 inch and 12 inch dividers provide an ideal set for clay modeling.

The image to the left indicates the three sizes of divider that I have recommended. Two of them have the flat leg configuration and the six inch divider is a round leg variety.

3 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch dividers.

There are also other sizes that you may consider, the image to the left shows a three inch, a six inch and an eight inch set of dividers. These equally will do the same job but the scribing distance will be limited to the size of the divider.

For balancing purposes the model needs to have a centerline scribe, from that centerline the dividers can be used to indicate a point from one side to the other. This in conjunction with a height gauge, scribing block or angle bracket for indicating the height you will be able to transfer data from one side to the other.

Three inch Moore & Wright dividers.

The different manufacturers of dividers usually have either flat stock legs or round stock legs.

The image to the left shows an older set of Moore & Wright dividers, a UK manufacturer. The legs are made from round stock drawn down to a smooth taper. The fulcrum stud is hardened with a fixed nut for adjustment. The bearing surfaces of the legs are large enough to prevent any side deflection. The top bow spring is strong and flexible, with adjustment centrally located to the legs to assure a smooth action.

Split nut for fast adjustment on dividers.

Not only do dividers come in round stock or flat stock but they also have different adjustment actions. The image on the left shows a split nut for quick adjustment and an automatic closing spring nut. These are generally referred to as "Yankee" dividers with a quick spring nut.

These are the three inch Moore & Wright dividers with the fixed nut for adjustment. As you can see the nut has to be screwed along the thread, there is no quick release but you will find that these are used for smaller marking out procedures and make fine adjustment easier.

These three dividers offered by General Tools are four inch, six inch and twelve inch flat leg dividers with a split nut for quick adjustment. They are not the most expensive on the market but will certainly provide good service for clay modeling and usually will fit ones budget.

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