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Chavant Tool Enhancement


Finisher F18-1.75

The Chavant finisher has a 1 3/4" wide blade connected to the handle by a wire leg assembly which is approximately 2" long. The handle is 3 1/2" long, capped by a brass ferrule. The blade and leg assembly is secured into place by a resin mixture. This tool is nicely constructed and would be suitable for fine intricate clay modeling work.



On closer inspection, the only improvement that I would make to the finisher is to increase the bevel angle from 45 degrees to 30 degrees.


This would provide a little more clearance when modeling into tight corners.


The two photographs above show the increased bevel angle of the blade. This angle is adjusted by grinding on a bench grinder or simply filing by hand. Once the angle adjustment is finished, de-burr the back face with a file, then the tool is good to go.




If you have two finishers it is normal practice to put teeth on one of the finishers for sketch modeling. This can be done by rubbing the blade across the face of a single cut file ( mill file ) The resulting teeth would be fine and equally spaced. If you want a more aggressive teeth pattern, simply file in with a Swiss file. You will then have a finisher for both sketch modeling  and finish modeling.



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