Clay, Application to Refinement


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Purchase Individual Steels


On this web page you have the opportunity to purchase individually made blue tempered spring steel, steels. Each steel is cut to form, sharpened and de-burred ready for immediate use. As in all precision tools and instruments they are guaranteed to give you a lifetime of service providing they are treated with due care and attention. By sharpening with an oilstone or diamond stone on a regular basis the edge will stay true and sharp giving you a tool that will cut the clay cleanly and with minimal effort.


All steels are made on an as ordered basis therefore there will be a lead time of approximately two weeks from the time of ordering, If I anticipate a longer delivery time I will email you with a revised delivery date. If you feel that the items you require are needed in a quicker time frame, please email, Steve Austin prior to ordering.



Straight Steel SA12010


Straight Steel SA12015


Straight Steel SA12020

Straight Steel SA8007


Straight Steel SA8010


Straight Steel SA8015


Straight Steel SA6005


Straight Steel SA6007


Straight Steel SA6010


Straight Steel SA4005


Straight Steel SA4007


Straight Steel SA4010

Kidney Steel SA6005


Kidney Steel SA6007


Kidney Steel SA6010

Kidney Steel SA3005


Kidney Steel SA3007


Kidney Steel SA3010

Pickle Steel SA8005


Pickle Steel SA8007


Pickle Steel SA8010



These steels are the same shape and size as provided in the steel set except, there are additional thicknesses available. On Individual Steels2, there are additional shapes available that have proved to be invaluable during my modeling career and certainly would be a welcome addition to enhance your modeling set.


For a more comprehensive view of these shapes, go to Individual Steels2.


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