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Purchase Steel Set


Congratulations on your decision to purchase this fine beginners steel set. You will find two prices available, one with all smooth edges to your steels and the other with teeth filed into one edge of all the straight steels. These steels will provide you with the best possible finish to your clay model providing to keep them sharp. 


The price with the teeth filed in is a good deal as it's quite laborious filing in all the teeth by hand. It also offers you the ability to produce a combed finish for sketch modeling. Each steel is sharpened and de-burred so you will be able to use them immediately.


To purchase these fine quality steels please email me to confirm total price and expected time of delivery. 


If you have any questions regarding the steel set, please email Steve Austin prior to purchasing.


Set of nine steels un-serrated. SA001


$147.00 plus shipping



Set of nine steels, with one side serrated on the straight steels. SA002


$170.00 plus shipping

If you would prefer to build your own steel set from the selection of steels available, please check out the individual steels page with individual prices for a more customized experience.

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