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Car Design Reference Manuals

Reference material can be invaluable for any artistic person but it is especially so for designers and sculptors who use this information to stimulate their minds to produce more futuristic vehicles. I have selected these books on their merit, from the book Retrofuturism outlining the designs of J Mays to the series of Car Design Yearbooks to building your own sports car replica.

The Car Design Yearbook 1 is the first edition of a groundbreaking new annual series that looks at the world's latest concept and production cars

The Definitive Guide to new concept and production cars worldwide 2nd year.

The Car Design Yearbook remains the only annual reference available to the latest trends in car design worldwide 3rd year.

The Definitive Annual Guide to all new concept and production cars worldwide, 4th year.

Each book will bring a new meaning to design, opening a whole new way of approaching the three dimensional form. With experience you will be able to view these images and instantly know how to create that surface.

An excellent outline on how to build a Lotus Seven replica. A must for the boy racer in you.

Adler, editor of Car Collector magazine, provides a highly detailed account of the evolution of small cars with big engines.

J Mays is among one of the most influential designers in the history of the automobile. Mays's approach has revolutionized the industry by integrating branding and identity with the design process. 

I have had the privilege of working with J Mays in the mid 80's at a then influential independent design house called International Automotive Design, he then was a senior designer for Audi under the watchful eye of Martin Smith.

The Leading Edge is the first book to summarize the aerodynamic design and construction issues of solar cars and ultra light land vehicles.

American Car Design Now is the benchmark book in car design. The book is built on interviews with key designers and design managers at Ford, Chrysler and General Motors.

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