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Silver Soldering

To achieve a strong joint through silver soldering the following procedure should be adhered to:


1 Close fit joints prior to soldering.


2 Clean joints using emery cloth or a file.


3 Wipe clean with alcohol or acetone.


4 Flux the work thoroughly.


5 Hold the joint in place by wiring or weighting down.


6 Heat the work to the correct temperature (Dull red)


7 Apply the silver solder rod to the joint.


8 Allow the work piece to cool.


After cutting the materials to the correct sizes and bending the legs to the desired shape, the parts should be set up so as the legs intersect the blade at the mid point and have equal spacing towards the end of the blade. (Clay rake)


It is essential that the joint faces are clean and oil free to obtain a sound joint, as the solder will not flow to a dirty or oxidized metal surface.

Flux the joints.

The flux is sold as a white powder; this is based on borax with boracic acid being the active ingredient. It is mixed with water to a creamy consistency. Apply liberally to all joints.


Heat the joint with a propane torch; the first sign that the metal is reaching the required temperature is the flux turning to a brown sticky goo. Next it will change to an amber liquid, and then to a clear liquid, which runs over the metal. When you are sure the temperature has been reached remove the flame and apply the silver solder rod to the joint, it should melt and flash around, if it doesn't work it is not hot enough.


Do not stick the rod into the flame; all that will happen is a big blob will drop off and stick in the wrong place and give an unsound joint.

When choosing silver solder rod, a silver content of 4% is sufficient as the melting point is low enough to use a propane torch, approx. 475 deg. F. A higher silver content results in a higher melting point thus heavier duty equipment to administer the heat.


Allow to cool, clean with emery cloth.                                                                     


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