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 Corvette Scale Model (pt 1)

Tape drawing (pt 2) (pt 1) (pt 3) (pt 4)

In part 1 of the tape drawing series I spoke about enlarging the photographs to one fifth scale and using Mylar Drafting Film as the medium to produce the tape drawing. Now I will show the basic requirements needed to progress the model to the buck building stage.

With the Mylar sheet over the renderings, let's start with the first view, the side view.

Taped side view of the Chevy Corvette.

I placed the Mylar over the rendering with one of the horizontal grids at the tire touch down and one of the vertical grids passing through the centerline of front wheel. This will set up the Mylar for transferring data to the clay model at a later stage.

Using 3M Black Photographic Tape I proceeded to trace the outline of the Chevy Corvette trying to ensure that the lines were as free flowing as possible. By taking time at this stage it will eliminate a lot of unnecessary lumps and bumps in the initial blocking in of the model. My method of blocking in is to drag the dominant sections first to create a three dimensional model for early evaluation.

Close up of the tape drawing for the front end of the Chevy Corvette.

The enlarged view of the front end tape drawing shows the basic centerline section and the profile of the front fender, the outline of the front wheel opening and a hint of Mylar showing the overall diameter of the tire. Also included is the front valance. The side marker is also outlined.

To give the tape drawing a little more perspective I have taped out the ground to settle the vehicle down.

The close up of the center section shows the continual use of the 3M Black Photographic Tape tracing all the main outlines and dominant features. The door opening line has been taped on plus the door mirror. The bodyside scoop is outlined together with the tapering angle that leads to the scoop. 

I have left out the detail such as the door handle so that I can deal with this as a separate item. On our vehicle there is a bodyside molding, this will also be dealt with as a separate item.


Close up of the center section of the tape drawing for the Chevy Corvette.

Close up of the rear quarter side view of the Chevy Corvette C5.

The last close up section is of the side view rear end. Like the rest of the close up images only the prominent lines have been taped on to the Mylar. Side marker will be added at a later date as this is not required for the initial blocking in of the model.

The rear wheel has the same treatment as the front with the wheel arch being taped out and a hint of Mylar showing for the overall diameter of the tire.

To make the tape lines super clean without any lumps or bumps I could have first penciled in the outline by using French curves to control the flow of the line from the underlying rendering, then taped to those lines.

In the event of a brand new design, normally the tape drawing would be free hand developed over the top of a package drawing with only hard point parameters and the initial master sketch. This would provide sufficient information for the modeler to build the scale buck. The tape drawing is provided as a guide and is not ultimately the end of design.

In part 3 of the tape drawing series I will cover the front view and rear end view.


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