Clay, Application to Refinement


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 Corvette Scale Model (pt 1)

Tape drawing (pt 3) (pt 1) (pt 2) (pt 4)

In part 1 of the tape drawing series I covered the images that I would be using for the tape drawing and a basic overview of the process. Part 2 in the series dealt with the side view and the necessary lines that would be needed to assist in the clay modeling  process. In this section, part 3, I will be continuing with the tape drawing covering the front view and end view of the Corvette.


Front view tape drawing of Chevy Corvette.

The enlarged photograph was covered with Mylar using the marked on grid to line up with the centerline. The horizontal grid was also lined up to correspond with the side view grid line, making it easier to control dimensions from each of the views.

Again, I used 3.0mm 3M black photographic tape to trace the outline. This would be my main indication for producing a drag template for bulking in the main form for the bodyside.


A smaller graphic tape by Formaline was used to outline the main features on the front end. As you can see these elements are, hood opening line, pop-up head lamps, license plate, side markers and fog lamps. I didn't bother with indicating the form to the hood as I didn't want to over complicate the tape drawing at this stage. Once the scale model starts then I can update with a detailed tape of the area being modeled to clarify the process. I did show the hood undulation at the top of the cowl as an indication of the form.

Detailed tape drawing of rear view of Chevy Corvette.

On the rear end view I used exactly the same tape, 3.0mm for the bold perimeter lines and a thin 0.020" or 0.5 mm tape for the detail lines. As far as details, I outlined the tail lamps, rear license plate with my plate number fogged out, no one wants to see that anyway and  the high level stop lamp or as it's called CHMSL ( Central High Mounted Stop Lamp )

I taped out the muffler or exhaust system as I will include that later as a detailed hard part in the scale model. The same treatment was used by leaving out the door mirrors as this will only be a distraction from the main tape drawing.

The front and rear views offer the profile for the side glass, roof shape, hood shape, trunk shape and bodyside shape for the preliminary blocking in of the model, also a mass of details for use at the later stages when all the main shapes have been resolved on the clay model.

Part 4 will be the final section for the tape drawing series and this will deal with the plan view.


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