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 Corvette Scale Model (pt 1)

Tape drawing (pt 4) (pt 1) (pt 2) (pt 3)

This is the final part of the tape drawing series, with this information I will be able to start the building of the buck that will become the clay scale model of the C5 Chevy Corvette. 

As in all scale models it is the early preparation that helps to eliminate some of the pitfalls that tend to plague models at the onset. Insufficient data leads to an oversized buck which results in lots of foam being cut away at an early stage or a buck that is so small that the amount of clay added results in a very heavy model. 

With a good set of tape drawings the model can be built undersize therefore allowing a sufficient amount of clay to be added and also supplying enough data for templates to be made for the blocking in process. This early discipline helps two fold. Designer and modeler become familiar with the project before the main work begins and secondly the modeler has the opportunity to workout the necessary steps to ensure the model develops correctly with no hidden surprises.

Plan tape of Chevy Corvette ready for clay model.

OK. We have the main plan outline traced on top of the Mylar with 3M black photographic tape. The cabin is outlined together with the cowl line and front and rear headers. The other secondary features such as headlamp openings, hood and trunk opening lines and door shut lines are taped with 0.5mm or 0.020" Formaline tape. This provides a concise and uncluttered plan view tape drawing.


This detailed view of the front plan will provide the information for the plan template. By making a template from the front side view I will be able to drag in the first version of the front end. 

When making the front plan template I will use the drivers side as master and then duplicate it around the centerline for the passengers side. This will ensure that the model is symmetrical, even though I have taped in the passengers side.

Detailed front view plan, tape drawing.

Close up of the plan, mid section of the tape drawing.

The detailed view of the cabin area provides information for the touch down of the front and rear glass. The front and rear header are clearly marked and the beltline plan shows the offset of the side glass. The beltline merges into the cowl line and the double tape at the 'B' Pillar pronounces the offset. The thinner tapes indicate the secondary lines of the  trunk opening and the door shut lines. All in all plenty of information to start off with.

The close up of the rear end plan shows the grid of the Mylar positioned on the centerline of vehicle. This will provide easy measurement when duplicating from drivers side to passenger side. As in the previous tape drawings the primary lines are in 3.0mm tape with the secondary lines in 0.5mm. The centerline of vehicle has been indicated as has the centerline of rear wheel.

Details of rear end plan of tape drawing.

Full rear plan of Chevy Corvette.

The left hand image shows a full rear end plan view. You will notice that the Mylar has been placed over the top of the photocopy with the center grid being lined up with the centerline of the vehicle. 

The outside periphery has been taped on with 3.0mm black photographic tape with the secondary cut line for the trunk taped on with a 0.5mm tape.

With a full plan being indicated it will be easy to duplicate for a ground board when the time comes to model in the rear of the Corvette.

Side and plan view of the 1/5th scale tape drawing for the Chevy Corvette.

With the tape drawing completed, I have shown the full plan and full side view together in the image on the left. The photographs beneath the Mylar will assist in the development of the scale model by showing the light reflections, indicating the change in form.

Below is the full 8' x 4' tape board with all the views.

With this information the next stage is to overlay tracing paper and mark out the armature for the scale model.



This will be fully covered in Armature Build.

The full tape drawing of the 1/5th scale Chevy Corvette ready to begin the armature for the scale model.

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