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Transfer Pointer

The transfer pointer is a unique tool that is generally used to duplicate points from one side of the model to the other. This when used in conjunction with an angle bracket will speed up the process for any manually driven project. Many modelers have used various methods including using a rigid steel rule for exactly the same purpose but I have found by make this simple tool it saves many hours when time is against you.



A simple solution for making the transfer pointer is to use stock 1/8" or 3.0mm aluminum sheet.


For the 1/5th scale model a piece 18"x 2"x 1/8" or 460mm x 50mm x 3mm will be of sufficient length to duplicate all major points.

Shape one end of the transfer pointer so that the tip is approximately 1/4"or 6mm deep. This will allow you to point in without applying too much pressure. The shape can be as the photograph (below right) or any shape that you think will be beneficial.


Once you have the shape that you require on the end of the transfer pointer, scribe a line approximately 40mm from the tip, on both sides. This will be the index point for the tape rule that will be applied to the pointer.


As you can see from the photographs there should be a  left and a right hand tape rule so that you can point in and have an indicator on both sides.


These adhesive backed rules are available from suppliers such as McMaster Carr.


Cut each tape rule at the 40mm mark as this is the indication that has been marked onto the pointer. Remove the protective backing and stick it into place making sure to rub the tape down in all areas. The end result should look like the photograph above.


You will find it beneficial that the tape is away from the tip as it will minimize the tape being lifted from the aluminum when pointing into the clay.


Make it, test it and place your comments on the forum.


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