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Chavant Tool Enhancement


Wire Tool P40-1"

With the round end of the wire tool completed we will continue with the 1" flat end. The first thing to do is,  inspect the wire tool to see if it requires any adjustment that will improve the general performance.



As you can see from the two photographs above, the wire has not been filed on the inside, it still retains the original round shape. The corners on the inside are round therefore not very sharp.



To start the sharpening process place the wire tool on a piece of wood to protect the edge while sharpening. File the wire at an angle to the mid-point of the wire ( between 30-45 degrees )


Turn over and repeat for the other side. You should have a triangular cross section through the wire, but be careful not to file beyond the edge. We need to retain the overall width of the wire tool.


For the vertical sides use a square file using the same procedure to file the cross section.


Once the main cutting face and vertical sides have been filed to a triangular cross section, we then have to address the corners. 


To sharpen, I have found that it is best to use a triangular Swiss file. When filing, care must be taken so as not to undercut the cutting edge. 

It is best to maintain the cutting edge on the same plane, this will ensure controlled shaving of the clay.

Once the filing is complete, flatten the base of the wire on an oilstone. This will provide a chisel sharp edge. Repeat the procedure on the two vertical faces.




As the 1" flat wire is a symmetrical shape, we can file in small teeth for sketch modeling. This is done by applying pressure on the wire and rubbing across the single cut of a file. The resulting teeth will be fine and equally spaced.


Once again flatten the back on the oilstone and remove any small burrs with the Swiss file. On final inspection you will see that the edges are sharp and crisp, removing clay with minimum pressure.


The wire tool enhancement is now complete.


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